M-Train Design Reflection

It was really stressful for me to speak in the design class in the first week. It took me a lot of time processing all the design process first and sharing my thoughts.
This is the first time I’ve ever engaged in a design course. In day one, my class explored three different ways to have creative ideas. I kind of struggled with telling the difference among mind map, concept map and domain map. After I realized the differences, I struggled with coming up with a lot of related ideas. It is becoming a problem recently when I have to define a problem, construct a solution and build a prototype.
Zach, one of my classmates, does really well in every classes and I have learned a lot by listening to his presentations and seeing his works. He has presented his work in a logical way and solved problem right on the money. ( Waverly taught me the idiom )
I will document more in the second week. It seems like that I have to learn much faster than I was last week in terms of both in the class and outside the class.

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