M Train-Design-Week 1

Day 1 – Get Started

In the first day of the week, we introduced ourselves to the whole class. And we got to know each other in the next few days!

We learned the differences between a mind map, concept map, and domain map! Domain maps need to have not only the related concepts but also new ideas that come from them. And we tried to draw them on our own.

Day 2 – Share and Learn to Research

Everyone shared a good and a bad design to the class. I learned different opinions and ideas about how to make the world a better place.

After that, we learned how to do primary and secondary background research. I realize there are so many resources that I can use!

Day 3 – A problem to solve

In that day, we shared our ideas of problems to solve. I want to solve a problem that humming songs could make people feel better. Carla told me that my purpose wasn’t clear enough. I’ll work on that. And then, we tried brainstorming in class, in 5 minutes. We also did it again at home and tried to draw a domain map.

First Brainstorm

Second Brainstorm

Domain Map

Domain Map

Day 4 – Design Statement and Storyboard

We did our presentation of a design statement. I learned that a design statement varies, depending on the project and the person. But it should be clear, which can help you to understand your goal.

And then, we learned to draw storyboards. These images could help us to build scenery of using our designs.


Day 5 – Presentation of Our Design Process

At the end of the week, we finished our midterm! (But we had no ideas that it was midterm, except Carla!)

I learned the importance of choosing important contents to present so that it could fit the limited time.

Also, presentation skills are also important!

We apply what we learned — design process, into that presentation.

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