M Train – Week 2 Design

In this week, we mainly learned about how to do different prototypes. After that, we watched many cases of design and technology projects.

Day 6 Paper Prototype

On the 6th day, we did some paper prototypes for our design projects. We shared our prototypes to others so that they could help us to find out things that not right. Mine is to see if people could understand how those functions are going to work.

Day 7 Different Types of Prototypes

On this day, we shared our other prototypes. There are many kinds of prototypes, such as an experience prototype, interaction prototype, and function prototype. Before we decided to do it, we need to know what is our purpose to do this prototype. Mine was about to test the whole space and the experience when using the product.

After that, the whole DT classmates gather together to make wallet prototypes! It’s on another blog.

Day 8 Iteration Workshop

On day 8, we were divided into 2 groups to do a prototype of a product. Both our teams chose the Zombie one. Our team built a wristband which can radiate electricity beam to kill zombies. It could easily be controlled by the button in hand. Also, it could send signals to other devices nearby, in order to receive some help. I love our smart design!

Day 9 Projects We love

We shared some interesting design combine technology projects that we like. Mine was What a Loving, and Beautiful World, made by Systu + Teamlab in 2011.

Day 10 Presentation for Design

We did presentation and critics about what were we going to design. I’m still working on that!

Hope everything goes well in our final projects!

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