M train – Week 2

2-1 Paper Prototype

On the first day of the second week, we created a paper prototype based on ideas and research. My idea was to add content to the message app that would reduce the use of vowel messages. However, English and Hangul have a very different grammar structure, so it was not easy to explain and get sympathy.

2-2 Wallet Exercise

On this day, we participated in class with other students. We tried to explain the inconvenience to the other person when I usually carry our wallets each other. Then, I tried to solve her inconvenience.

2-3 Iteration Workshop

On the eighth day, in the classroom, we were divided into two groups and thought about design by choosing one of three stories. We designed the equipment to escape the attack from the zombie and go to the shelter. It has an electric shock device that can kill zombies and a GPS function that lets you know where your opponent is.

2-4 Art+Technology Presentation + Conceptualize

We gave presentations to the artists we surveyed. I introduced a Korean design team called ‘everwhere’. Unlike other artists who show beautiful work, they showed different ways of communicating through work, encouraging audience participation to complete the work. That’s why I chose these artists, and after the presentation, we tried to develop the Final Project concept.


2-5 Presentation

On the last day, I gave a presentation on each work in progress. Another faculty participated in the class and could hear more opinions. This was my first presentation after I decided to make a different concept from the existing concept. So I tried to explain this concept in detail. But I still felt it was hard to express my thoughts logically in English.



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