M Train_Design Reflections_Minhwan Lee

Day 1 – Mind Mapping(Domain mapping DT & Parsons)

The first day, I learned what kind of mind map is and how to use it. After learning about the mappings, I have also tried to make a domain map. I’ve mainly used mind maps, so it took a while to understand the differences between other maps, but I thought that these methods helped me to approach the more clarified idea.

Day 2 – Research Good & Bad Design 

Investigating good design and bad design. I introduced the advantages and disadvantages of the design that I used as a motif in my previous internship, but it was once again a turning point for elements for good design.

We have had a good opportunity to look back on how to conduct research and apply it to my work and how I have solved the problem based on it.








Day 3 – Short Problem and Design Thinking

We learned how to proceed with design work and how to create ideas. I have also learned how to continue with the process of design thinking.

Although I do not have a big design solution like Iron Fish, I tried to remember the experience that I  created a small solution when I did the assignment. But it was difficult to find and I looked back to see my design.










Day 4 – Design Statement, Storyboard

Today, through the design statement, I practice clarifyingthe problem that I was presenting a little more clearly.

Thanks to that, the storyboard was divided into nine sections so that I could clearly explain the situation.







Day 5 -Presentation

I explained what I wanted to describe as usual. This presentation seems to be helpful in interviews and I learned how to make mistakes while doing the presentation in English. I knew these things, but I never tried to figure out the exact problem. Because it was a personally significant presentation.

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