M Train_Design Reflections_Yao-Chang

Day 1

Learning the definition of mind map, concept map and domain map and practicing them in class are very helpful for me to realize the differences and relations between them. But I still can’t come up with my own domain map. I think the problem is I don’t have enough ideas for one topic.

Day 2

Everybody shared their thoughts about what is good design and what is bad design. It is quite fantastic to learn from others perspective. It reminds me of the idea of looking into details in everyday things.


Day 3

I picked a problem I want to solve and used mind map to get ideas for the solution. But I want to choose a more interesting topic.


Day 4

In order to have precise goal, idea of who I am solving problem for and what should I study I have a design statement. The design statement helps me as a guide when I try to find solutions.

Day 5

I presented the whole process of my old work which is a app design. The goal for that app is to combine awards cards offered by beverage franchises in our smartphones. Through this presentation I realized which part I missed when I designed it.

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