j-design: Wallet Prototype

Wallet Prototype Cassandra was happy with her current wallet but wanted a few inclusions: More zip locks to keep coins and other stuff. A flip to cover the card holder slots so that the cards don't fall. Not very big in size. (The wallet I prototyped...

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2 Train Making a Wallet

While Prototype my wallet I started from the main issue the client had. That was the fact that money and cards may fall out if held in certain ways, she also wanted to make sure it would fit in her pocket. I started the prototype...

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Design 1st Week Post

First Week Design Post Shuqi Zhu The very first week, I finally learned how to think efficiently and logically as a designer. To refresh my memory, I would love to sum it up with my own opinions. First of all, pay attention to daily-life details to find out...

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