7 – Train Summary of the week

At this week of design class we've learnt about general design process. We learn about how to mapping our ideas, several research methods and the resource we can use from Parsons and the internet. The most impressive part is the domain mapping. This is the...

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M Train – Code

A drawing board to draw tonal scale. Video:  [video width="472" height="480" mp4=""][/video]   Image:   Processing Code: int x; int y = 20; int w = 100; int h = 100; int a = 0; color circColor; void setup(){ size(500,500); background(0); fill(255); textSize(14); text("Press keys to see what they looks like!", 10, 30); text("D as 'do', R as 're', etc.", 10, 60); } void draw(){ if (x>500){ x=0; y...

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