code(interesting project)

This is a interactive device project called”Extra-Natural”. And it is made by Miguel Chevalier. This project was showed on the “Artist&Robots” exhibition. And the project is a device that can interact with people who are walking through it. And I guess it may use the processing...

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Designer: Daniel Shiffman

Daniel Shiffman a great coding mentor and creative coder and artist who makes a lot of courses about processing and other languages and give many interesting examples for students to explore. Try this:

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7-Code Artists using creative coding

Cory Arcangel is an artist who often uses appropriation to modify existing pieces of work, particular old 8-bit video games. Totally Fucked features a hacked NES cartridge of Super Mario Bros, where Mario stands on a single block-cube in an empty sky. Super Slow Tetris modifies the...

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