Wallet Exercise

WHAT I MADE Interview: 1st Iteration:   2nd Iteration: My partner really like my first iteration and wanted very slight changes in the 2nd. I added a zip to one pocket and a pattern at the back. WHAT MY PARTNER MADE 1st Iteration: 2nd Iteration: She added more pockets for cards and...

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7Design- Week2 Recap

Weekly Recap, This week we main focused on prototyping and research as part of the design process. On Monday we started our discussion about different types and stages of prototypes. We were given the task to team up with a classmate and learn different research approach based...

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M-Train Code Midterm

I try to make a text adventure of a person lost in the wood and try to make his way out of there. I try to tell the story with the help of text texture changing. I'm still working on it, hope everything turns out fine....

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