My previous work-Cuddle-a healthcare facility by applying animal-assisted therapy.
Project Statement
“Cuddle” is a facility that combines a treatment center for anxiety disorder by applying assisted-animal
therapy and an assisted animal training center together as a new integrated business model
based on the natural bond between human and animal. The trigger for designing “Cuddle” is to
bring physical and emotional therapeutic treatment to people who have anxiety disorder or experience
occasional anxiety. There is a large group of people affected by Anxiety disorder, however,
many of them didn’t seek help or don’t know they have issues with anxiety. Animal-Assisted Therapy
is complementary and Alternative Treatment. It can also serve an adjunct to psychotherapy. By using
AAT, more people with anxiety disorder are able to be recovered.
Step1: Background research 
Before the actual designing, in order to know anxiety disorder in a more holistic way, I did researches, including population of anxiety disorder; types of anxiety disorder; the treatments of anxiety disorder. I also did researches on the history of animal assisted therapy and the medical value of animal assisted therapy. Important definitions including:
Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT): a structured, a goal-directed intervention in which an animal is incorporated as an integral part of the treatment process.
Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA): provide opportunities for motivational, educational, therapeutic and/or recreational benefits to enhance quality of life.
The research also help me to understand “How Can Animal-Assisted Intervention Help with Anxiety Disorders?”, thus, I could make proper design decisions in terms of spacial space, such like providing different types of treatment rooms.
Step2: Project Decisions
Base on the research, I am able to make decisions on project site/building/primary user/the service provided/operation.
Step3: Design Inspiration
Inspired by the concept of puzzle, overcoming anxiety disorder is just like people matching each puzzles piece by piece, step by step, eventually get a entire picture on the puzzle box. It is a process that people overcome their setbacks. This concept turns to be a “puzzle-like” parti and guide me throughout the entire design.
Please check the attached pdf. for your reference. 
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