R – Retrospective _ Week1


Week ONE

One week of boot camp and I feel the tiredness coming up inside me. Is it because of the camp, or my new mattress, I just don’t want to get used to…?

MFADT. Boot camp. Three courses, nine hours a day; come to grips with new concepts and techniques every day of the week – and then, this homework, this never-ending load of homework. But I get it; ‘we are here to push ourselves further’, Sven said.

What have I learned during the first week of Bootcamp?

Well, a list would go beyond the scope at this point, but I will try to put it in a nutshell:  I have learned to manage my time effectively and to section extensive exercises into smaller bits and then work through them, step by step. Did you notice how I used the term ‘bits’ to describe a small entity? I think, I’m slowly but surely turning into a DT student. Anyhow, with the amount of work involved, it is sure that you can’t do all of it: Set priorities, concentrate on your weaknesses and gradually try to take your projects to the next level. The first days were marked by failures, though. Especially in the areas of web and code: How does this thing work again? Do I need to put a semicolon (;) here or shall I rather use a colon (:)? What does int stand for?

… *What the float* ….

It certainly took a while to acquire the basic skills and functions, but I’m here now, still standing. I feel like I gained the basic understanding of how things work over the course of the last week, especially in Web – Code still remains kind of a mystery to me, but I hope to crack that nut soon. So far, I have not regretted my decision to join DT. Time will tell, if it will remain like this in the next weeks.

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