R-Train Design 1st-Week-Reflection

During the first week of Bootcamp design classes, we have learned a lot on how to analyze and research on problems. Sometimes it is more important to ask the right question than to have the right answer. So we try to get the right question by deconstructing concepts through different methods: brain mapping, domain mapping etc. Also, we can get more perspectives by brainstorming with other group members.

It was really fun to group with all the R train members. We had fun time discussing design questions together and shared our various experiences via daily presentations. I have certainly learned a lot from others. For instance, Jefferey’s creative approaches, Max’s visually appealing presentation slides, Masa’s rigorous attitude and logic etc. Also, Juan’s comments on our presentations are also helpful and inspiring.

I worked as a UI/UX Designer to focus on very detailed problems, say, the position of certain buttons, or to solve very practical problems. But in this week, we have learned to solve problem of  bigger scope, using the thinking method of designers’, which truly broadened my mind.

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