R-train design reflection

The first week of this bootcamp brought me quite a big change – HTML, CSS and JavaScript were totally new programs. Although learning the code was qutie challenging at first, it was interesting to execute my design and wireframes into codes and into my own website.

That this program is divided into three parts – web, design and code – was helpful. It would be nice if we could spend the most time on web, as it seems like people need most help for web and because it seems like two hours and a half is not quite enough for it.

Besides, it was really fun to learn new things and to meet new people. Although that this bootcamp is nine-to-six everyday was intimidating, it has been a pleasure to go to classes. I especially like watching TED talks. I have heard of TED talks, but never got a chance to watch any – so having many selected videos to watch and discuss was inspiring. I also loved watching my classmates’ presentations. Because we are all from different backgrounds, seeing what others have done before coming here allowed me to widen my perspectives.

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