R-Train design week-1 reflection

I used to feel super nervous and anxious about the coding studying and the life in a new city (or even you can say county) before I went to New York city. But after I took one week courses in bootcamp I feel myself even more adapted to the new environment than I expect.

As a starter, learning code is always very challenging but it can also gives you achievements which inspired me a lot. I do felt both exhausted and excited last week, hoping to explore more fun ways to improve my website and those coding homework.

As the design part, after learning for a week I realized that many of my previous work always think little of design research, and just wanted to made it fun which may leads my work illogical. Also I am not a good explainer who can introduce works clearly, this is another thing I really hope to improve in the next week.

At last, language is always a big problem for me. Passing those standardized tests do not helped so much in a REAL conversation. Though I need to extremely focus to understand my classmates’ opinions, it still a nice experience to learn something from others, to see the clashes of thoughts and to feel different ways of thinking.

Just like the line in the musical Hamilton says I’m young scrappy and hungry , my general goal in bootcamp (or even Parsons) is to keep curiosity and the thirst of knowledge to explore new areas.

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