R-Train Sonia

What I have learned in this last week of bootcamp is that coding requires a lot of time, dedication and discipline. And even when the teachers explain each topic very good and help you responding to doubts you may have about it, you still need to work a lot on your own. It is all about practice; basically try and error until you get it right.

I have also learned that this is a very helpful and friendly community; everyone here is always willing to help you in whatever they can.

Also the teachers are always coming up with ideas ands activities to integrate all DT students and so all of us can create some bonding.

During classes they do this didactic activities which I think are a really good way of learning and also fun.

I think the readings and videos that we see in class are very carefully selected; interesting, understandable and helpful. They really help for doing the homework; for coming up with ideas, to take notice in the little details of every day life and start from there, for being innovative, to start creating webpages, developing product designs.

It has been an intense week; full of new information, but fun.


Sonia Colunga.

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