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Paper prototyping:

For me, Paper prototyping is really important. Paper helps everything to be simpler. We can just use pen and paper to do the wireframe, test the prototype, try the new mockup and so on. Paper prototyping can help us to do more than i think. After reading this paper, i have a new recogniztion to paper prototype. Not only just make it like a product, it can also be a product with interactive. It can also help us to make a good documentation in the design process.



Things are being unified nowadays. The things we purchase in stores, a frozen pizza or a row of toilet paper, are just like any other things form any other stores. If they are different, they are weird; and we won’t take weird things off shelves. Because of this, it became hard for us to reimagine how things should be— hairdryers should have straight handles and a toaster can only give you two slices of bread at a time. We as designers however, should learn to combat these affixations. We should be the ones who link arts with functions and create “weird” things as if they were never created before.


Feedback for presentation:

(Problems Project)
It will be great if I can put more details in the storyboard. Not just how the functions work, but also a little story to introduce the background or give a persona.
Create stories would help to find more design opportunities.
Imitate the situation and think more about different heights and weights.
Re-create the storyboard, includes more about the background of the products and environment.

(old projects)
Design process is good.
Show more about how to finalize the shape of the product.

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