Second Week Design Post

I REALLY could see my progress in this week. For day 6, I understand it is important to make simple paper prototype but emphasize the interaction. In my first paper prototype, I drew the app interfaces in one paper. In my second one, I cut out the each paper screens, drop downs and pop out screens with the advice from Candice.

For day 7, I get the importance of research before design to eliminate the subjective bias. Then, the wallet making project is both interesting and challenging–always listen to your client.

For day 8, I am impressed about the art piece supported by technology. I am personally fond of art more than technology. Now I know tech as a strong tool and would love to accept it.

I did not come to day 9 but do think about my final project. In day 10, after I presented, I was told to narrow down my idea about controlling the number of tourists in ancient gardens. Since it is not possible to tell the government to empty the gardens, I would like to make an interactive poster.

If the tourist number increases to a big number, the pixels of the poster will be shattered in different levels, according to the number.

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