Shane’s new wallet’s prototype, by Wei Dai

Shane is in general happy with his current wallet, especially the size of it, so I tried to keep the general design similar to the original. The first question He had was that there wasn’t enough space for cards in his wallet. After a small talk, I found out that the main reason he felt such insufficient in wallet-space is that he has the tendency to unintentionally store cards that he might never use in the future. Since there is no place for trash in his wallet, so he just let these junk cards to scatter everywhere in his wallet and it is frustrating to clean them out. Based on this, I designed a “trash” section extended from the wallet, where he can store every useless new card he got and be able to clean them out at once easily. The second problem he has is for card scanning. he currently put his student ID on top of another card in the middle section of his wallet. This sometimes causes the scanner unable to read the correct ID and open the gate for him. To help solve this problem. I put a little card slot in the cash folder and so he can just scan his ID without open his wallet or getting interfered by other cards.

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