L-Train: CODE: Processing Homework

CODE: Processing Homework Creating a pattern using "for" loop   I have used "for" loop to create a pattern. It has 3 parts: The background: a gradient which changes on changing the values of mouseX (moving the mouse horizontally) A pattern of ellipses in the center A pattern...

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L-Train: DESIGN: Week 1 Review

DESIGN: Week 1 Review   I had a very different understanding of design when I joined Parsons. For me, design meant creation – open a software and create something which pleases the user and solves some problem. For the most part, there was not a lot of...

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L Train: CODE: Designer using OpenFrameworks

CODE: A designer who uses code in his work [embed][/embed] Inspiration Inspired by the interaction that takes place between design and coding, I looked up the work of Zachary Lieberman (founder of OpenFrameworks). In one of his first projects, he worked with Toyota to prepare a font. It is...

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