J-Design: Bolor_Homework5_ReadingAnalysis_Feedback

Friday's presentation slides are at:     J-Design_Bolor_Homework_Day5: WHAT DO PROTOTYPES PROTOTYPE? Analysis Prototyping is a complex process with many variables to consider. A model for this process is presented in the paper that divides the role of prototyping into 3 main elements: to test the role a product would play...

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J-Code: BOLOR_Day1_Homework_SimplePseudocode

Aim: Start with a white canvas with hidden buttons of different sizes of rectangles; Every click reveals a coloured rectangle; A custom Mondrian pattern is generated   Functions: makeGrid mergeSomeGridCells assignColourToCells turnColoursToButtons   Variables: Grid – size, n of rows, n of columns Cells Colours Buttons ...

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J-Design: Bolor_Day2_Homework_VideoAnalysis

“The Lucky Iron Fish” video analysis   Problems: Iron deficiency in Cambodia where almost 50% of the population (6 million) suffers from this preventable condition. 5 billion people worldwide suffer from iron deficiency making it a global problem. Inequality and unemployment resulting from disability and social isolation...

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