Train 6-Bohan Chen: Artists/Designers who work with codes

Raven Kwok:

Raven Kowk is an RPI alumnus from Shanghai China. Now he is a visual artist, an animator, and a creative programmer based in LA. His work is mostly done in Processing. I went to see one of his Exhibition called 1194D^3 in Beijing Today’s Museum. It is really impressive and immersive. The graphic is perfectly matched with the music.

Kyle McDonald:

Kyle McDonald is a media artist based in LA. I am attracted to his ofxFacetracker and ofxFacesubstitution Addon.

Ben Chang – (In)Security Camera:

This is a physical installation I found is very interesting about a malfunction security camera.


Daniel Rozin:

Dan Wilcox:

Casey REAS:

Aaron Koblin:


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