Train 6: Code-Final Project Design Statement

Design Statement

I am exploring to collect and organize influential designers and artists because I want to create a platform for students to study design history and get inspiration. In order to achieve this goal, I will be approaching from the lens of data visualization and interaction design.


Data visualization is a powerful tool to collect and analyze large data, and it will be useful to study influential designer.

The original idea of this project is collecting and visualizing the pioneers in information design and data visualization. So students can study their visual appearance who come before today’s designs. Many influences were not designed by graphic designers simply because there was no formalized practice established. Contemporary designers have in common with their predecessors is their ability to visually represent information in a two dimensional space. These early data maps, time plots, area graphs, numeric tables, charts, diagrams and visual ideas were invented to inform their audiences.

As the development of this idea of data visualization, I want to modify my design to cover a larger audience. Therefore, I add more designers in the database, including product designers, fashion designers, media artists, industrial designers and so on.


User tests/prototypes

The text in the processing demo is very hard to read.

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