Web Homework 7/31

This is a first draft of my Bootcamp Portfolio website. The wireframes were created with Sketch, and the code was written in Sublime text.

I would like to have an index page with two different background images that appear randomly with their accompanying music, and more if I have time. When thinking about the iterative process of design it reminded me of the iteration that goes on in Jazz. Some songs are referred to as “standards”. A “standard” is a song played by numerous different artists and each new version of the song serves to highlight each individual artist’s interpretation. The song “My Favorite Things” is one such “standard”. Originally written by Rogers and Hammerstein for The Sound of Music. John Coltrane subsequently played this same song and due to his revered status as a musician it entered the canon of Jazz “standards”.


Here is the underlying HTML:

That looks like a lot of blank space. This will be mostly filled with the images. The header, and side bar will have a semi-transparent grey background color and sans-serif font.

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