What I learned in week1

Day1 – The first day in Bootcamp during the lecture we learnt different type of maps, I am quite familiar with the concept of mind map but domain map is something that’s new to me, in the class we practiced using domain map to make associations between objects which in term inspire us think is different ways that we haven’t thought of before.


Day2 – during second day we discussed what we consider to be good design and bad design, which kind of made me think that I always somehow approach design subjectively but what we should be considering is the users perspective and what will be considered good design for them.

We also learned different types of research and how we can use research to guide our design process


Day 3 – we learned how to use design statements to help us frame our design directions, I think this method is really helpful for us to define the design project from the very beginning.

We also learned how to ideate by using different tools like brainstorms,  co-creation workshops etc.


Day 4 – we learned how to use storyboards to tell a story about user experiences and look at how users would interact with the design in real contexts.

Day 5 – we did presentations, this is helpful because we are judged and given critic based our presentation skills and how clear have we conveyed our ideas and messages through presentations.

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