What I learned in week2

Day 6 – We learned the different types of prototypes and how they are used for different purposes, even for the same project at different design stages we can use different prototypes to test out ideas. I think this is really helpful because I now know there are these many prototypes that I can use depends on what I am testing, whether it is the role of the design, look and feel or implementation.

Day 7 – We explored the relationship between research and design before I only know that research can happen before start designing, but I know now that research can happen anytime during the design process or research itself can be the purpose.

Day 8 – We explored different creative technology, during the class we saw a lot of very interesting examples of interdisciplinary & transdisciplinary projects, it is helpful because I think it opened up my spectrum of what could be done by combining different disciplines.

Day 9 – We learn the different stages of creating a design concept, and how to use design statement to help us refine our idea and moodboard to put together the look and feel of the design. We also learned how to give critique,  critique should be specific, constructive and provide suggestions for further iterations.

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