Zhenyuan Shi Final Idea

The music industry nowadays is very dependent on the streaming service. However, at the same time, more and more people tend to also buy vinyl since they want to have the physical experience of interacting with music. So in this project, I want to explore the possibility of adding more interactivity to online streaming service, and integrating the digital and physical form of music.


In this project, I am building a website, a medium which a lot of online streaming services are built on. The website would be a prototype for an actual online streaming service with a large music library. In the website, the user will enter as a customer of a record store. Then they will be able to drag the vinyl onto the record player and it will start playing. After that, they will be guided to a page with a record player with the record playing on it. And in this page, they will be given the experience of operating the record player.


The main target of this product, is first of all, those people who take physical music copies as their first choice when it comes to ways of listening to music. Nice as it is, vinyls are expensive and they take up spaces for storing. In that case, the user can get a similar experience of playing vinyls of the music they want to listen without spending much money and space. Secondly, I am also targeting those people who aren’t that familiar with vinyls. Through the experience of this website, they might want to know more about vinyls and get more knowledge about the medium.


I showed a few friends the website, and some of the main feedbacks include: 1. Make the buttons which are clickable more obvious 2. smooth the transition between pages.


In terms of the tools I am using, I am mainly using jquery UI to realize the functions of dragging and sliding. And then I used javascript to extract the data of where the items are dragged to.

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